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Our Learning


St John’s is a student centred school where everyone is valued, where we build authentic relationships, develop a love of learning, have access to a comprehensive and contemporary curriculum and become responsible citizens and confident lifelong learners.

We build our student's capacity to be great communicators, thinkers, collaborators and researchers who manage themselves effectively and are invested in the ownership and success of their learning. 

We ensure a personalised approach to our student’s learning based on their strengths, challenges, interests, talents, experiences and background. Learning and Teaching is explicit and scaffolded to establish learning intentions, success criteria and feedback to ensure access and success for all.

Catholic Identity

Our School is a Catholic School and is grounded in the rich traditions of the Sisters of Mercy.

We embrace the teachings of Jesus and endeavour to practise the gospel values of honesty, forgiveness, justice, compassion and inclusiveness. Our focus on Social Justice makes strong connections with these teachings and embeds these values even further.  Our motto of ‘Truth, Love and Service’ guides us in all we do.


We celebrate together in the form of whole school Masses and Liturgies and embrace the opportunities to gather together with the parish whenever we can. Through these opportunities, we are able to strengthen our faith community. We utilise the Religious Education Curriculum and other programs and materials to support our teaching.


We celebrate together in the form of whole school masses and liturgies and embrace the opportunities to gather together with the parish whenever we can. Through these opportunities, we are able to strengthen our faith community. We utilise the Religious Education Curriculum and other programs and materials to support our teaching.



At St John’s we provide an inclusive approach to literacy learning with an emphasis on deepening our students’ knowledge and skills in the areas of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. 


Literacy is an important lifelong skill that is fundamental in enabling all students to fully engage in all aspects of their education.  This includes academic, social and religious experiences of their school life and beyond.



The aim of Mathematics from Foundation to Year 6  is to enable students to appreciate Mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life and develop their ability to work mathematically.

We encourage positive attitudes towards learning by developing students’ understanding for applying Mathematics effectively to become proficient problem solvers and to value the place of Mathematics in society.

Through our daily Mathematics program students will:

  • Develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts, processes and strategies and the capacity to use these in solving problems

  • Develop the ability to apply their mathematics to analyse situations and solve real life problems

  • Develop appropriate language for the effective communication of mathematical ideas and experiences

  • Develop an appreciation of the applications to mathematics of technology, including calculators and computers



Inquiry learning is a creative approach, in which students have ownership of their learning. It starts with exploration and questioning and leads to investigation into a wondering, issue, problem or idea. At St John’s, we view the importance of creativity and investigation as just as important as acquiring the necessary skills for literacy and mathematics. We use the Victorian Curriculum to integrate the learning areas into each Inquiry.  During these times, students work in collaborative groups and use technology to investigate real-world issues in the context of their school, family,  local community and beyond.



We strive to embed digital technologies throughout the curriculum to create a learning rich environment where students become responsible, critical, intuitive and skilful lifelong learners ready to engage in a technological future.


Our students are well resourced with each student having their own iPad to allow all our students to experience a customised learning experience.


The Arts

The aim of our Arts program is to bring out the individual creative talents in each child and to build the confidence of every student. 


Each week, students engage in a Visual Arts lesson facilitated by our specialist Art teacher creating individual and collaborative pieces that enhance our learning spaces.


In addition, students are involved in weekly specialist Performing Arts and music sessions that focus on music-making and creating.



The Japanese Language program at St John’s is designed for students to learn Japanese by building their communication skills and expanding their intercultural awareness and understanding.

The aim is to engage students in various different methods

throughout their learning of the language from Foundation to Year 6. This includes; games, songs, videos, puzzles and apps with a focus on the four essential skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

Physical Education

The Physical Education Program focuses on the important roles that activity, sport and recreation need to play in our students' lives by providing opportunities for challenge, personal growth, enjoyment and fitness.  


During PE lessons children learn motor skills and fitness through enjoyment of physical activities. The acquisition of skills enables the children to effectively participate in team sports.


The children have the opportunity to take part in Inter School Sports, District Sporting events, Cross Country and a Swimming program.

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