St John's Parish

St John's Parish Euroa was established in 1906 to serve the needs of a growing rural population settling in the rich pastoral district around the Seven Creeks and Strathbogie Ranges. Today the parish comprises of the townships of Euroa, Longwood and Violet Town all which have churches and the districts of Ruffy, Molka, Strathbogie, Balmattum, Gooram, Boho South, Creighton’s Creek, Miepoll and Locksley.St John's offers parishioners and visitors a welcoming environment for worship, education, continuing formation, social activities and support through its many organisations and gatherings: Baptism and Marriage Preparation, RCIA (Catechumenate), Christian Meditation Group, Prayer & Reflection gatherings, St Vincent de Paul Society, Catholic Women's League, Liturgy and Finance committees. St John's Primary School with modern curriculum and facilities provides excellent education within a caring community, committed to the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, the Christian way of life and the Catholic tradition.

St John's Primary School originated by the initiative of the people of St John's Catholic Parish, Euroa. They wanted a school for the Catholic education of their children and the children of the district for years to come. The school was entirely built from the labour and generosity of parishioners since government grants for Catholic Schools did not exist at that time. Today the school is operated and owned by the Parish, which, continues to contribute financially to the capital and ongoing costs of the school, which now also receives state and commonwealth, grants. Through a strong tradition, the School and the Parish remain closely connected serving the community in education, worship and care for one another.

One of the founding values of Catholic Education is its comprehensive curriculum, which includes all key learning areas, religious education, and witness to Christian values and attitudes. Parents seeking this comprehensive education also accept the Catholic ethos arising from the Gospel of Jesus Christ as handed down by the Church's traditions and lived experiences.

We place great emphasis on the sense of belonging to a praying, caring community who welcomes those who seek to share the same values and are willing to participate in the life and mission of the school. The school encourages a spirit of cooperation, generosity and respect for one another. Parents are invited and, at times, expected to join in various activities including joint social Parish and school community activities, volunteering in fundraising, school services, liturgies, assemblies and formation evenings.